Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chelsea Later

To my fellow Chelsea Handler fans, my uncommonly scintillating review of the show is to be delayed. For my letter,hopes, and tickets to last Thursdays taping did not guarantee admission. Sadly, after waiting in the hot sun, we were the first of many to be informed that there was no more room. I luxuriated in the presence of good friends. I savored my time away and as consolation indulged in a pedicure for my uncommonly long and skinny, thrashed, crusty, neglected hooves. No Chelsea, BUT....Me time and a bit of decadence is something for which I shall not complain. Supposedly we are guaranteed seating for a show at a later date. Now, I get to look forward to it all over again. So there. Take that, disappointment. Yay for another occasion to shower and sparkle myself for a day on the town WITH FRIENDS!


  1. I love her! I watch her almost every night. Lucky you that you get to go...even if it didn't work out this time!

  2. I love her. LOVE HER. I am so jealous you are going. How fab! I just was given her book Horizontal it funny? Have you read it?


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