Saturday, September 19, 2009

Driving Me Nuts

Lately, I  perceive an increase in drivers who allow their  turn signals to blink for long stretches.  This opposes the purpose of handy feature referred to and designed as "indicator",  not mere  "blinker".  While behind a car with an incessantly deceitful blinker,  my focus is consumed by plans to escape. Mocking my need to "know", this non-signal goads me to make a move. 

If  a driver in the middle lane declares (for miles) the possibility of a lane change or turn, I become impetuous.
Oh and how about the driver in either of the far lanes with the everlasting blinker for the opposing direction?

To the driver, in the far lane with a corresponding blinker, who forgoes countless opportunities to turn in that direction:   you are least despicable.  You, at least, are easy to maneuver around.  I forgive you.

Most peevish:   drivers who refuse to use an indicator while scheming to merge/fade over without due space or notice.  To you, I fully extend my middle fingers, both of them, but only in my head(or below the dash board).

In response to the courtesy of your signal, my driving shall accommodate your  plan. The converse of that statement is also, while immature and hazardous, likely quite true.

I remind myself constantly, everybody is doing the best they can. BUT.... even serial killers are doing the best they can.  I am sometimes  calmed by this.

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  1. The perpetual left hand blinker on makes me crazy. Left hand turn around the world perhaps?

  2. You hit the nail on the head with that post...keep ranting. You often speak for us all


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