Monday, August 10, 2009


Is it noteworthy that one wiser than me would be unsurprised by the tedium of driving 9 hours to camp for 8 days with 2 babies? Before proceeding, I should first express my genuine excitement for trial #2 of this annual pilgrimage. I know it will get easier and I embrace the opportunity to do a better job.

However, it feels almost urgent that I unleash before I can in due detail share the more enjoyable aspects of our adventure. Regarding the many magical people, sights, and experiences of our time at Lake Topaz, they will appear in a future post. As souvenirs from Topaz’09, I have retained chapped skin, cold sores, a sore throat, and am utterly rundown from NO sleep. Additionally, I am somehow, astonished(and undeniably bitter) that this fun (although draining) outing did not transform marriage and parenting to acts of pure and natural ease for me.

Without internet access, walls or doors, and constant proximity of no more than 7 feet to sounds and/or demands of others. Well, it’s just too much. This vacation (air quotes please) was preceded by 9 solid days of confinement with 2 sick little ones in the house. Making for a total of 20 days with no respite from people or domestic responsibility.

What happened to my fantasy of joyfully spreading a gingham checked table cloth on which we sit to enjoy attractive and tasty fun meals. And those relaxing nightly walks with Andy, gazing at the stars and holding hands while rehashing the day?

I need a break.

I burn for some space and momentum, both physical and mental. Having grown squishy equally upstairs and down, I feel especially irritable.

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