Friday, November 23, 2012

Recovery...a process, not an event

Boundaries, self esteem, worthiness, humility, emotional honesty, awareness of needs, limits, likes, dislikes....a life time of learning. For me, this process is more to do with discovery than recovery and I find it as challenging as it is wonderful. I've never committed to anything more genuinely and faithfully. Finally, something to believe in! I'm so grateful for a process/practice delivers me to a better way of living,daily.

My circumstances remain brutal and yet, my worst days in divorce/recovery are better than all the ones before. The gift is that, because of this program, after only 2 years, i now know there is more to life than my circumstances and my feeeeeelings about them. The process of learning how to's why we are here. I'm grateful for all my teachers, although not so much for those who provide ample exercise in dealing with difficult people.

Still quite new and under siege by ex AH, I do not welcome the constant opportunities for practice.

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