Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two In A Row in 2*0*1*0?

Really?  Me?  Yay me.  Laura@VodkaLogic has presented me with "The Circle of Friends"  Award.  And, of course, I had to google it to learn more about it.  She is so freaking sweet and creative and would do no harm.  However, low self esteem made me wonder if this was a nice way of saying; "Your blog sucks and I like you anyway".  From what I found, this award is presented to loyal followers who make your day with frequent and cool comments.  It seems  that she has perceived me this way and I am thrilled to have done this for at least  one of my favorite bloggers.  I believe the guidelines are fairly loose, given the nature of the award.  And they suggest sharing 5 things I would, if allowed enjoy before passing this on to 5 other loyal and generous bloggers.
  • reading
  • eating while seated
  • showering in the morning
  • beach volleyball
  • sushi
Many thanks to my  tiny Circle of Friends.  XO

Thanks Laura for this special recognition.  Unfortunately, my readership or more realistically reader skiff leaves me short on people to share this with.  


  1. You so deserve these awards! CONGRATS!

  2. Congrats!
    And I love sushi too!!

  3. The readers will follow.. and thanks for the great and kind words that is exactly why you got the award...and your great blogs.

  4. You can't complain that I didn't comment on this fucking award when you couldn't even tell me. Wanker.
    Thanks for the award.

  5. Magda, I just tried to find you profile on Blogger but it is not working for some reason.

  6. Woohoo! Mazel Tov! ;-) I love all 5 things you shared and I did one of them this morning! (Hint: Not beach volleyball...)

  7. When I saw the title, I thought you were talking about orgasms, and was very very happy for you. Like in tears...

  8. Woof. You expect me to be amusing twice?!? The pressure!! Oh but I do so LOVE the attention...

  9. Congratulations on your Circle of Friends award! I'm pretty sure you're considered a friend to a lot more than just Laura though. ;)

  10. Thanks for the award.

    I fucking love you.... and I misread your comment and was confused. Now, I think we got off on the wrong foot but out of principle (principal?? who the fuck knows) the confusion comment is why I highlighted you in my blog. And then you curse at me... gasp. Thanks for keeping things lively. Now if only someone would hate mail me.

  11. Awww, Congrats on your award!! You soooo totally deserve it!
    Gotta get you working on that self-esteem thang though.. cause you absolutely rock!!

    And I LOVE everything about you as well. Thank you for passing it along, and the sweet words as well.

  12. Thank you thank you! No explanation...hmmmm that is a little scary ;) Congrats on the award! She's right you have awesome comments and are just so overall awesome babe!

  13. Oh the shit you make me do...

  14. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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