Sunday, January 10, 2010

Money on the Table

Check it out....if you have not already.  (If you know of other stores doing similar, please let me know.) When you enter your email address on the Kohls Site, they email you a 5$ off coupon, good toward any purchase....and of course they will ALSO email you notifications of other specials and such.  Easy enough to direct those to the spam folder!  But, get this:  You are able to enter as many different email addresses as you have.  I have 3 and Andy has 2.  That is 25$.   I enjoy Kohl's children's and men's departments for those occasions that demand new duds for my guys.  I just couldn't believe it when the sales associate offered up this nifty 411 today.  Great customer care and money in my their pocket. For each coupon transaction, I will spend more than 5$ and quite possibly on non-essentials, since I don't believe they sell meat or produce there... or diapers.

I am so happy to have discovered coupons and wished I had known to use them before it became necessary.  Enjoy!

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