Friday, January 8, 2010

The King and I

Ironically enough after the posting of my pro-choice entry (the choice to euthanize), my dog experienced some sort of seizure, pooped blood, and threw up. I was wholly prepared to comfort him in what would be our final moment together, and thus, no further opportunity to deny him OR pay boarding fees. Today, he is lively as ever. sigh

Eight years ago, at the Redondo Beach Dog Park Adoption Fair, I spotted my King Simon with his mullet hairstyle, a turquoise rhinestone collar with a name tag that read "Randy”, one eye. On this day, he was granted a new name, collar, haircut, and lease on life. I favored the name Simon and since life to date had been unkind to him; I appointed him king and dedicated myself to his every need. No expense or inconvenience was spared. While house hunting, I schlepped him along to insure that carpeted areas would not further aggravate his allergies.

With new prestige, he quickly grew accustomed to the regal treatment; frequent trips to the doggie dermatologist and ophthalmologist, the groomer, the dog park and several walks per day.

A few years later I was immobilized by pregnancy related nausea lasting beyond the birth of our first son. I call it pregnancy related because it was 24/7 for 9 months. It was not morning sickness and it was not the first trimester: nibble a cracker and be ok-deal. Days so uncomfortable (280 of them), I often shamefully thought it simply wasn’t worth it. His devotion unfaltering even when I could no longer play with him or walk him.  For those sleepless nights and wretched days, King Simon faithfully offered comfort.

When our first son arrived, both dogs went on special assignment to wake baby. King Simon confirmed his evil ways each time he honored his incessant itching/leg thumping on the hard wood floor immediately outside the nursery door. AND….this with the audacious expectation to be fed, walked, or petted with regularity. Surprisingly, he grew unforgivably smelly from the weeks and months of neglect, clearly to spite me.

His descent from royalty was both rapid and unstoppable. Poor sweet King Simon. You are a lap dog and my lap is full.

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  1. Before my son was dog was my baby. Once my son was born, the dog went back to being a dog....


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