Monday, December 14, 2009

On Procrastination

I just spent twenty minutes organizing my receipts into little tidy piles which I will now combine and shove in a drawer to someday enter into a spreadsheet before tossing them. I've managed to tape two Christmas cards to my front door and I'm trying to convince myself that's enough decorating for this year.

This is a comment in response to my post on dawdling rather than addressing immediate responsibility. Perhaps the best comment ever:  validation, connection, humor. Thanks for the laugh BugginWord.
And for material for today's "post".  I used your Toe-gina yesterday too. It was nice.


  1. I'm one of the procrastinators of the world too. However, organizing my receipts will never happen. Not when I can shove them all into my purse.

  2. Amen BlueViolet. Look no futehr than the bottom of my purse or the little bucket i my car console for those receipts. And hey without putting off other things when would we mommies EVER have time to blog? I put everything off and see - here I am blogging and commenting at 1 am! Looks like I need to put more really important junk on the back burner.

  3. I do my best Xmas decorating under pressure. If we don't invite people over to see the tree, it doesn't happen.

  4. Today is the day I decorate..after a nap and lunch with the girls...who am I kidding.

  5. I have been using quicken since 1996... I stopped working on it since this July and on Thanksgiving day it took me the whole day (until 3 am) to catch up on the "back log". It was due to necessity since I have had to pay late fees to a couple of CC bills. I also failed to pay a doctor's bill that was sent to me in July. Good thing they didn't send me to the collection agency.


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