Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Baking with Martha F. Stewart

Ritual festive baking is a tradition I have the good fortune of discovering as I endeavor to do so with my children.  Here is a photo summing up our maiden voyage into the world of confection.  I can't believe how time consuming it was to draw those reindeer so perfectly on each little cookie.  Yeah Right.
Ernie learned how to space the cookies as well as how to wait for them to cool before eating.  Poor tired little Bert, already sound asleep as the three of us made  toasted and devoured these cute little cookies without him.  He gets so darned tired from starting our the days at 3am.(Could sound like a complaint, but perhaps a mere observation)
But seriously, these were delicious and fun.  Again, I am pleased.  What is that?  Like three days in a row?  I am on a roll.
I suppose I should have set this up as a DIY tutorial with step by step photos of us tearing at the packaging with plastic kiddie scissors,  fumbling for the little reindeer pucks before they hit our unswiffered floor, and finally horsing down some mac-n-cheese(for dinner) as our holiday treats "baked".
I am  glad to address any questions regarding how to do exactly this at your house.  Seriously, anyone can do it. Honestly, its a snap.  It's not right to show you only the final product without all the prep.  Next week, we will be doing snowmen cookies. I will plan to share a little more of the action.
Regarding the equality of my skill sets in both baking and photography .  Oh, and blogging:   How could I feel anything but hopeful for all of the growth and development I have before me.


  1. They are so cute but they And I still have no oven so I am not baking anything at all these days. Ha! These days I suck at the baking thing. Okay I always suck at it. I do have a bag of tollhouse just waiting for the oven to be fixed! And it is not premixed I am making the cookie dough. Eat half bake half right?

  2. my daughters might like that cookie!!

    thanks for you email!
    its great you guys will be meeting! some conference?

  3. LMAO... oh my gawd, You make me smile!!!
    Those cookies look great!!


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