Thursday, October 15, 2009

Uh Oh

This email excerpt from my husband. Love him.  (Image added by me)

Scary! After taking huge dump, I am sort of standing/sitting on a credenza in my boss's office discussing our "new action plan"(as if we had an old one). I look down and, to my horror, notice the brown smattering skid clinging to my pant leg.

At first I think its poop and have to scramble to get out of there(not easy with him). Once safe in the confines of my office, I conducted a comprehensive sniff check and began proper investigation. To my relief, I discover the remaining beans pasted to the bench of our break table where I ate my breakfast. Fuck I almost had a heart attack!!!!!.


  1. That is both extremely gross, and hilarious at the same time !

  2. LMAO... seriously ~ laughed my ass COMPLETELY OFF!!!!

    You are hysterical, Darlin!!
    I love it.


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