Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Precious Moments

Today, our Bert saw and felt and heard rain for the first time.  Mesmerized,  he pointed, each grunt excited and punctuated by his distinct question mark voice.   Talking and singing to him about our rain was invaluable.  This is made more special by the infrequency of rain here, in Southern California.

In my head, I thought to myself:  What a precious moment!  Then, I cringed as I recalled this collection  of Christian-ish figurines labeled Precious Moments(as pictured above), that frequently adorned bedrooms(and t-shirts too) of "normal" girls in the community of my childhoodSo very not me..

What a sweet little experience for each of us.  Indeed a precious moment

My little boys are the closest thing I know to religion. 
They are:  Gifts. Love. Hope. Forgiveness. Trust. Light.
I could not be more humbled.



  1. Yup... seems like we're on parallel paths ! I'm glad you were in the moment for this. They grow up so fast, and we tend to miss alot of it by not being present.

  2. Okay, SERIOUSLY... how could I have gone this long without knowing you were "out there".

    Your posts, your style is brilliant.
    Your spirit is amazing.
    I'm so glad we met :)


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