Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pore Me

Each attempt to bejewel my ears, entails an approximate re-piercing. How is it possible that remaining earringless for a few days yields a reduction in size for these holes?  Why do these openings, infiltrated regularly, essentially vanish overnight? 

And my pores, in which I never actively implant anything, should remain cavernous enough to to cast an echo.   While I boast abbreviated efforts in hygiene, my face, together with other parts, receives daily scrubbing.

Perhaps tomorrow's entry will detail something equally provocative, say....the contents of my belly button?  Which incidentally, does not always  ever smell nice.  And ironically enough, bares a scent  similar to that  of my earrings.


  1. Cast an it!!! Umm...yup...sick but true. I also get the occasional belly button earring stench! I sometimes wonder if those that have outies don't experience the same.

  2. lol... my mothers earings stink too..

    Magda thanks for stopping by, as to your comment am I thumbing my nose at street walker no, but I dont want to ge one


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