Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Chelsea,

Dear Chelsea, I think it fair to advise you of my highly charged presence in your studio audience this week. Although I will be in attendance with with 2 pre-existing BFFs, I think they would encourage our already blossoming relationship as well. For my daily laugh with you is often my only adult interaction. In the event that you find yourself without need for a new BFF, I will graciously welcome consolation in the form of a hug from your little Chew Toy or signed copies of your books. But, please don't make me choose between the books or a hug from Chuy. I am a billion feet tall and I think you would enjoy my hug with your little nugget as much as I. It really does seem very win win. See you Thursday xo Thank goodness I can safely assume you don't read my blog as this might serve to discourage your interest in me as your new BFF.


  1. I love her show! I'm watching it right now!! Take me with you!

  2. I would completely. My friend has 4 passes and was generous enough to include me. Plus, you might try to wrangle her for your new BFF.


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