Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Always say Never

Today Ernie introduced his new favorite answer to all applicable questions as "never". The response is casual, without volume or expression, which is what makes it funny. That, and the fact that he is so agreeable and says it for effect only .

Today while trying to dress his brother who was resisting:

Me: "Is Bert helping Mommy?"
Ernie: "never"

While Playing Home Depot:
Me: "May I please have the wrench?"
Ernie: "never"

Me: "Would you like some cucumber?"
Ernie: "never"

*He did freely offer the wrench and eat the cucumber. His brother, however, does never help when I am dressing him.

Additionally, he is seizing each opportunity to utilize his 2 newest descriptors: grubby and clumsy....or as he says "dubbie" and "dumzee". We are purely charmed, almost as much as he, by his growing and useful vernacular. Lucky for him, my tripping and crashing and our constant state of grime offer ample opportunity.


  1. That's funny. When you ask my 3 year old almost anything she says "Mommy, I want everything!" Oh boy - it's going to be tough road for her huh?

    You are funny - I can just picture you filthy like me falling all over the house. My kids think I am funny too!

    ps I have subscribed. Found you on If Evolution Works.

  2. Try flipping it on him. Next time he asks for something, say "never". I bet he'll come up with another word :)

    Cute though!


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