Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Due Date

I purchased a yard(It is an especially long piece)of salmon from Costco. It is supposedly due* on 8/16 yet already is quite strong smelling. So, I may choose to: 1.Wait in return line with 2 babies and a Giant Stinky Piece of Fish (after riding in car with GSPoF) 2. Cook and serve GSPoF 3. Forfeit $25 and dispose of GSPoF. The kicker here is that I dont so much care for Salmon even when fresh. I only eat/serve it because it is suggested as a SuperFood. Footnote: *I refer to the expiration date on foods as the due date.(While this makes my sister and me laugh, it is irritating to my mother to hear food referred to as overdue, which makes it all the more amusing)


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