Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank Goodness for New Beginnings

Until now, I have focused entirely on matters in my head as a basis for my content. Staying home with 2 babies under the age of two has limited my connections and experiences with,well, most everything outside of my own home and thoughts. While writing is a form of therapy, and god knows,I need therapy, I aim to provide something for a reader other than myself. Instead of actively begging attention, I aspire to gain genuine appeal by composing charming accounts of more collective experiences.

Making my departure from the unburdening without resolution, today I shift gears.
With this said, it may be a while before the next entry.

Thanks everyone.

BUT,Before I begin my new life as a writer who gains the devoted interest of many, I ask: Why must baby's fevers always materialize on Fridays???So impractical.

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