Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oops I Stole the Wrong Kind

While shopping at Target recently, I "grabbed" some sunblock for our upcoming trip. Which by the way I am excited about for many reasons. Not the least of which is a vacation from the dogs and picking up the piles and piles of poop. For an extortion rate (not really, just more than we can afford), we have found someone to stay at our house and care for our furry friends. The House Sitter has has agreed by strict instructions to do NOTHING to revive, resuscitate, or rescue King Simon. Kidding.

After my Target transaction was complete, I noticed the baby enjoying the sunblock as a teether, which signified that it had not been paid for. For a multitude of poor reasons, I proceeded to the exit. I felt a little titillated by "having gotten away with it". And then, it came quickly, my loathing....for the checker for her lack of diligence!  Actually,  I am disgusted with myself for being too tired or rushed or cheap to just do the right thing.
To make matters worse, we stole the wrong sunblock and can therefore not exchange it. So, I live with the burden of knowing, again what kind of person I really am. I now get the opportunity to properly purchase the appropriate sunblock.

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