Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About Me

I began this blog to openly embrace those parts of myself that for 40 years, I have been compelled to mock, question, resent, hide and outright hate.  My blog name of IJONC (detailed in a later post)is an acronym for my fictitious support network:  Islamic Jews of North Carolina. Yeah Right.  Because that exists.
Toiling to endure as Magda Ghoneim,a brown, absurdly tall and thin, flat chested child of Arab Jew descent in Fayetteville, North Carolina was cruel and lonely, to say the least. Here, in Southern California, my brownish skin represents an enviable tan and any number of populations.  My height:  a precious advantage in beach volleyball.  My thinness: highly prized. I am married to a super sweet and handsome cracker and we have 2 very pasty little boys who are lucky if they tan. My religious orientation or lack of:  not even a consideration.
Our lives center around our boys.  Conscientious Parenting is our greatest bond and cause.

And... we share a very ordinary last name, which for me is a relief.  I hope this blog will evolve into much more than a host to my unburdening of the unresolved.  

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